Sunday, September 27, 2009

Smudge's Operation

Smudge has a problem with being a white cat and having me as a caregiver. Firstly she is likely to get cancerous growths on her ears and I don't see how it is possible to apply sunscreen as suggested by the vet. Little do the vets know how difficult an old lady she is at 13 years. I was supposed to give her anti-biotics and no way husay will she permit this. Put it in her food and she ignores it ... remove other food and she is prepared to starve for at least 24hrs until my conscience pricks me and I give in. The Vet gave me tablets and then there was another $33 as we tried liquid .. squirt it into her mouth using the eyedropper ... you're kidding lady! Anyway she appears to be recovering well without and simply eating her biscuits.
"So Much For YOU! "

This is the second time she has needed to have her ears, just the one ear this time, due to growths.
"You KNOW I don't look good and YOU Take PHOTO's of me in THIS CONDITION! Humans! "

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