Saturday, September 19, 2009

Traffic fine whingers

Crusader Rabbit complains about getting a speeding ticket returning from a shopping trip.

I do not subscribe to 'speed kills' either but neither have I ever had so much money to waste it on paying fines. After all it is the 'Stop that kills' not the actual speed. Unfortunately the modern car is easilly capable of going over the limits designed for the average incompetant and in-attentive driver. But of course that isn't you, or me, just the other guy :-)

But I remember driving in the States [Denver] doing 15 MILESph over the posted limit in evening rush hour traffic and a cop on the side of the road waving his hand up and down ... so everybody pulled back to 10mph over :-) When in Rome etc. It was scarey and fun to be doing 90mph on a two lane motorway in the little Honda Accord lent to me by my daughter-in-law. Or through Denver doing 70mph and have a truck and trailer unit overtake on a four lane cross town motorway.

It is an attitude to life. Gone are the free wheeling days when the world had a 'small' population and everybody could do what they wanted, if they could get away with it, like Alexander marching through Turkey and Persia and Pakistan where he got a bloody nose and the like. There are too many people on earth, for us to survive, there have to be guidelines and the intelligent person obeys them out of self discipline rather than because there is a black and white around the corner.

Another less noble reason for my record* is that I generally speaking have never had vehicles which wanted me to exceed the limit by any great amount. I remember getting the 120Y up to 130K overtaking but I have always been happy to cruise within the '10 plus' of the speed limit and my current SUV is happy to be in the 'under 10' until she warms up on a long trip. Just as my son visiting from the States [ I paid the fine for him, his mother didn't want to open the letter after he had returned :-)] did 41K at the wrong time so you did 42K I guess for a similar fine.

What does get my goat is the stupid cop behaviour of giving tickets for two or three K over the limit. So far I have not encountered that thank goodness.

It is not a question of 'civil liberties' but rather of self discipline and many these days seem to think solely of ME and MY wants.

*60 years of driving with one speeding ticket and five parking fines, the last one about 25 years ago maybe further back, hard to remember when. Wife was in hospital and I forgot it was friday night and meters went till 9pm. I'll post separately about the speeding ticket and fine.

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