Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's bash the Muslim lover Obama

Happened upon Crusader Rabbit complaining about Obama speaking favourably about the Muslim in the United States ... suggesting he was a left wing extremist or a covert Muslim. really they are just so foolishly one-eyed you have to laugh at them. Well I do anyway.

As to if a Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian , a 'whatever religion you like to insert', is good or bad largely depends on the human being involved. The major religions have a commonality of goodness but it is the way the human interprets their religion or uses it for their person benefit or depravity that warps the basic concept.

It came to me that todays crusaders are using their strength in a similar way to the Christian knight from western europe who went to palestine. The English got their noses blooded, then the Russians tried with similar result, and now the Americans are trying in Afghanistan with I suspect equal waste of energy and lack of result, thats from the western point of view. I suspect the only successful invader of that region was Alexander the Great and he just passed through ... sensible man.

Another thought on that country ... the people need an income ... they grow poppies ... instead of burning the crops why doesn't the 'west' let the crops grow, be harvested, and then buy the finished product. That way the Afghans have an income to buy western goods, improve the standard of living, be lesser a prey for the extremists ... and the west can destroy the poppy product if they don't want it to destroy their culture by turning them into a nation of drug users. I think it is called lateral thinking.

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BLiP said...

Never ceases to amaze me that the founding document of the US specifically separated the Church from the State yet religion plays such an important part of its national dialogue. Not that the original intentions of the Constitution were particularly noble, but exactly what the founding fathers were trying to avoid has come to fruition in relation to religion.