Saturday, October 3, 2009

The United States popularity in the world

This article from the New York Times starts with a quote about how unpopular, the least popular nation actually, the states were in 1926. That was despite coming to the rescue of France in 1917 to end WWI.

This unpopularity is repeated in 1943 in the UK and perhaps can be summed up by the popular Briutish quip of the time "Ove Paid, Over Sexed, Over here". Perhaps heaven forbid that the States should retreat back into isolationship.

I have thought for some time that the very struggle to make a place in their society and the character it develops is the problem. The successful tend to strut about with a superiority complex, justified by their success which permits them to travel the world, but which makes them unpopular.

The article points out that people prefer to be givers rather than receivers. Perhaps if we provided free travel and hospitality to Americans we would like them more.

I have American family members and like them a lot, have travelled quite a bit across the States and met very few with who I didn't get on, but it doesn't alter my reserve about America and my intense dislike of the American accent on radio and TV.

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