Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today's Photo -- "The Start of a Dream"

My memory is like a sieve but I know it was south west of Colorado Springs across the mountains you can see in the background. It suggests to me that the pioneering dream of a place of one's own is still alive and kicking in the States with this tiny house on what in New Zealand we call a landscape block [ I think :-) ]. Behind the house is the road north to that fascinating natural phonomenum[?] of a sand dune in the midst of fertile [relatively so anyway] country. I happened to past this house three times during my stay in the States and finally got this photo. Nearby I experienced an interesting aspect of American driving. Most places on the open road you find the posted speed limit ignored. But just east of this the heavy truck and trailer unit which had overtaken me WELL OVER the limit slowed to the restricted speed through a small township. I guess, and my son who lives in the States confirmed my impression that likely the local cop would be witing to catch a speeder to help pay his wages. Speed all you like on the open road and through cities, but WATCH IT through small townships :-)

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