Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is fun [crazy] running a blog

Indeed ...I try to answer somebody who has grace to visit this blog and felt enough to contribute ... thanks :-) ....but when I try to add my bit to their comment it turns out that it doesn't recognise the password that I sign in to start a thread with .... MAD!

I'm not too worried about getting spam or junk mail ... I seem to recognise it and just a click and it is gone off my e-mail. While the 'No Junkmail" sticker on my letter box seems quite efficient ... perhaps too much so ... I rarely get either of the two free newpapers in my area.

The only thing which IS bugging me slightly is the Wine Society. I spent up prior to last christmas on presents for family and some people who had done me a big favour [ they towed me and my yacht to safety from moderately rough seas ] and so the WS think me a greatpotential. Only I'm not and quite happy to dilute my case red with tonic. Principly to keep my intake of alcohol within the drivers' limit ... quite like the taste too. So since I am ruining the taste why spend up on it :-)

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