Monday, December 21, 2009

Welfare in Christchurch

The thought struck me that the Christchurch family which featured extensively in the CHCH Press today needs that $1000 a week to meet their mortgage payments on the collection of properties the are reported to own.

Mealtime in the Shrub

A few days after my last post HeShe dissappeared and there is something suspiciously like a spider's leg caught in the web .... well that's what the female of the species do, so I guess HeShe was a He.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HESHE alive and spinning

This morning I looked for the corpse of Heshe when I took my shower and it was gone and a few inches away was this small spider hanging out on its web .... wunderbar!

I know female spiders eat their mates but I hope this is not what happened and it is Heshe alive and spinning :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Spider in my Shrub

A few days ago I encountered a very small spider crawling around my shrub. Not a 'money' spider, a bit bigger than that but only as big as my little finger nail with legs extended. I don't love spiders but I don't hate them. Generally speaking I pick them up with something and take them outside, the bigger ones anyway. I've had one on me when drying myself ... it had been hiding in the towel on the rack ... I didn't exactly like that.

Anyway this spider a few days ago was crawling around the edge of the shrub and we managed to avoid each other as I showered and heshe was still going well and I left heshe to it. Next morning heshe was part way up the wall in a corner fairly close to the shower rose and seemed to stay there, apart from crawling out of heshe's hammock to hide in the corner an inch or two away.

I was fascinated how it could climb the smooth wall of the shower and complete with safety rope when heshe slipped and fell an inch or two ... really amazing capability ... I thought of my son and DiL who go rock climbing.

Today I was looking for heshe but couldn't see anywhere hanging on the wall so assumed had found somewhere else to hang out. After washing I noticed a small black thing floating in the water and thought "Oh NO!" .... but without my glasses I can't see very well but I put my finger under it and it seemed to cling to it and I raised it to the shrub ledge and gently shook it off. Even with my glasses I still wasn't sure and it wasn't until I got my trusty Nikon 5700 complete with 2 dioptre CU lens out and had blown it up in my editing programme [ PSP] was it clear that it was the corpse of my freindly spider .... I felt rather sad at my carelessness in not seeing heshe on the floor of the shrub and helping heshe to safety .....