Friday, September 11, 2009

United States Health battle

How terrible it would be to live in a country where for all the other benefits you could be one of the 46.7million without health insurance. That is 15% of the population. Where one side, the current government is trying to do something about it, while the opposition engage in lies and hysteria trying to scare folk away from what should be a common right in any civilised country ... the right to be brought back to health if and when one falls sick or has an accident. Without crippling bankrupting cost. I doubt if many would argue against the principle of spreading the risk through car or building insurance yet the 'right' argue against applying the same principle to health.

At least with Medicare the aged and Medicaid the very poor are cared for and there are state and city run programmes but insurance should be, though often isn't, a guarantee of care in times of need. So that 15% is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg. How fortunate we are in New Zealand to have universal health care despite our problems of access to elective surgery at times ... I guess that I am lucky that to date I have been looked after when I needed it, which is different from wanting it. We have a very good health system though without doubt it could be better.

Today's New Yor Times editorial

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