Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping Bags .. the Plastic ones

Oh the innocence of people … “I’ve never been charged for plastic bags!” … you have been paying for them, and the paper bags, when you bought the groceries. They are part of the overheads which contribute to detirmine the retailers margin. The 5c or 10c is simply a penalty for being lazy in not bringing your own bag to the shop, like we did in the old days when we had a wicker shopping basket et al. I have four green bags and a bluegrey one given to me by Rockgas when I bought some equipment. They are very useful for carrying things around quite apart from groceries, such as tools and library books.

Somebody suggested holding up the queue by refusing to pay for bags .... I doubt if that will happen because just as when I only took one bag with me and bought large I was permitted to take the balance of my purchases, un bagged, out to my car on the trolley. Out at the car I packed my groceries into the other bags which live in my car along with all the other stuff I carry around.
I thought it rather nice of New World to give me five bonus flybuy points becuase I brought my own bags last month.

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BLiP said...

Its not atually that nice of New World to give you the Fly Buys if you were to realise that you're "profile" on the customer database now has a new psycho-graphic category to apply when marketing to you. Then again, perhaps you like "personalised" junk mail? I'd be interested to hear if in the next few months you get any solicitations from evironmental type products and/or organisations.