Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wild Outdoors

My wild outdoors was a rather angry animal who was very annoyed at me even coming not that close to him, I was using the 280mm Angle of View end of my zoom.
Smails Beach about two miles long, it seemed very long and empty, with just myself and two of these animals on it.   As I edged closer he reared up and openned his mouth to reveal his not too clean teeth, probably covered with nasties to infect me if I survived the attack.

I have a one second review of the shot I have just taken and he must have started moving as I took the photo ... but it was not until one secopnd later that I saw him coming at me and beat a hastie retreat ... I guess I am here becuase he couldn't be bothered to follow through.  Anyway my shot .... "Say Arrrgh!"

I missed the meeting so I don't know what the judge thought of it or if his comments brought forth different results than the print competition mentioned earlier.  I hope so

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