Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Video Editing programme

I am rather pleased, hence this post, that at long last I have found a programme to handle my MOV file which I shot two years ago when on holiday in the States and the UK shot with my Panasonic FZ50.

I bought at great expense Corel's X4 video ediiting programme and found it didn't handle MOV, wasted more money on some conversion programme which resulted in just the audio being heard ... so I was rather frustrated and simply left it subject alone.  As a retired Film-Video editor I am not sure I really want to bother with film or video anymore ... prefering the simpler still photography.

But it would be, and now is, nice to be able to edit together those MOV files and trim them and I am at the moment in the middle of doing a compilation .... Yippee.

Oh the programme you wonder? weill search for AVS4YOU and you will find what I'm using.

Enjoy ... I hope  :-)

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