Monday, July 9, 2012

Changing Photographic Styles

Last night I wasted quite a bit of time sitting through the Royal Photographic Society's Digital Show which comprised largely of blurred and fuzzy images.  As a group they have decided that this is todays photography and reward each other with acceptances and honours for regurgitating this sort of, most would say, rubbish.   It reminds me of how back in 1953 I visited the RPS exhibition in London along with fellow photographic students from Guildford School of Art and the theme then was soft portraiture and soft landscapes .... quite unlike the sharp and crisp commercial images we were being trained and helped to produce in our studies .... we collectively thought the RPS was rubbish and I guess my aversion to the RPS transfered itself to the NZPS or whatever it is called .... they have their style too.

Preceeding that show was our our monthly competition 'Wild Outdoors" and guess what we got?  Yes you guessed, it was in the style of the NZ camera club .... landscapes ... urrgh!  The judge in his openning remarks said he had hopes for humans doing wild things out of doors ... but no ... just landscapes although the winning photograph was steps above the rest with its beautiful capture of frost and the only photograph I remember twelve hours later out of all I saw last night, UK and local NZ.  The print quality of all the local images was of a very high level  .... BUT!

Two weeks time we will have projected images, I think I know what I will be entering but that will remain confidential until after the night :-)

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