Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In search of dress shorts in the off season

Yesterday afternoon I spent a fruitless search for shorts... there was one pair of dark blue for $99 at Bob Shepard .... the first place I checked. But I wanted a lighter colour shade after the fashion of the ones I had had but donated to the Sallies thinking to reduce the 'junk' around the place.  Shorts in Dunedin? a very rare occassion :-)  For me anyway.

Next Arthur Barnetts who had not had dress shorts for a season or so. He suggested Bowker

Nothing at Bowkers though he did suggest shortening a pair of longs.

Ever hopeful I continued to Farmers ... nix

Saw CRT on Cumberland as I was on my way to Alex Campbell's ... nix

Alex Campbell admonished me for coming to him last, I said I usually do come to him first. He checked his store from which my purchases usually come when one of the ladies serve me but again ...nix

Could get it from Auckland but a bit charry of ordering sight unseen as I did with a shirt from them which I was not really happy with ....

So FINALLY I remembered your suggestion of thrift stores ... this was after going to new world for supplies so back down to the Sally's and after going through their rack I finally found a pair of long trousers in a nice pale blue. Back to Spotlight for some cotton and this afternoon I cut the long legs off and after some trials and tribulations and discovering that bunched cotton underneath comes from lack of tension :-) The machines not me :-) it came right and I have my shorts YIPPEE!!!

I also found a matching shirt ... just like the ones I donated to them when I had my cleanout :-)

So 3.50 for the trous', reduced from $5 becuase it was a 'blue lable'. 3.50 for the shirt, $3 for the cotton and about half an hour with the machine and I'm ready. I am very pleased with the cotton match which is better that the factory did in Fiji where the trous came from.

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