Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Socialised medicine

I follow the New York Times and Kiwiblog and often read the scribblings of right wing republican writers talking about the dreadful socialised medicine of the civilise world as opposed to the un civilised American and else where system where unless it is an emergency to suffer without treatment if you cannot afford it, or fortunate to have an employer paying for your heath insurance... assuming that the insurance companies don't weasle out of the deal.

Apparently I had a heart attack the other Saturday morning, it was the worse I have had and I was quite scared so I called the white taxi and was in a ward within a few hours with a cardiac specialist checking me.  Rest of saturday and sunday I survived by doing nothing but rest in bed and having a couple of morphine shots when I did something silly like walking across the ward to the toilet.  Come monday off to the Angio Theatre and had things poked up my arm to enlarge the solitary vein which has been keeping me alive for the past twenty five years or so.  Originally I had a quad bypass but three blocked up in a matter of a few years leaving a single vein.

Tuesday lunch I was home.  So really I think these folk who crit socialised medicine are foolish to put it mildly... long may we preserve our socialised medicine.  I am sure it has it problems but nothing on the scale of the American situation and similar set-ups.

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