Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hasan's PTSD

Some people are quite sarcastic as to how a guy who hadn't been there could be suffering from PTSD. I'd suggest that it is quite possible for somebody who is a sensitive character to be inclinded to the Medical profession to get the disease second hand from listening to all the terrible stories of those already suffering from PTSD. Add in the fact that he is of the Muslim faith living in a country where quite a few of the hot blooded rightwing consider the situation on a par to the old saying about the American Indian " A good one is a dead one" it is an impossible situation for the man to live under. Shackled to the army becuase it paid for his medical education ...a possible senario my son was considering way back ... I thank everything that is good that he made it without selling his soul in that manner.

I commend a NYT Op-Ed ...

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BLiP said...

The link you provide gives me the creeps. Are you saying that you belive the so-called War on Terror is actually a War on Muslims?