Sunday, November 1, 2009

Central Otago Railway --- 130 years

At Labour Weekend the Taieri Gorge Railway celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Central Otago Railways openning. The TGR runs a daily tourist service on the remaining sixty miles it owns of the 240 original miles of the COR. This enables walkers and cyclists to connect with the Central Otago Rail Trail which is the beof the railway and enables one to walk/cycle to Alexandra.

RM57 crosses the Hindon Road/Rail Bridge

The TGR ran special trains over the weekend with the return of Railcar RM57 after a thirty year absence. I remember being part of a group from the Otago Model Engineers who made one of the last trips the railcar made thirty years ago. My wife and son were with me.

Helping RM57 with the runs was the Pacific 4-6-2 'Sharon Lee' making one of her quite frequent trips to Otago although for the first time being able to make the trip on the TGR through to Middlemarch with the restoration of the turntable there.
Here she hauls out of Dunedin Railway Station.

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