Sunday, November 1, 2009

Damm Lies or mis leading statistics

Currently there is a hell of a beat-up going on about Rodney Hide taking his partner on an overseas trip at the tax payer's expense.


I could well be wrong since I don't have the imternet skills to be sure of how to find the official info and if I found the whole truth at

>>>UPDATE ... I have had a horrible thought that the Parliamentary sites strictly record MP expenses but ignore those of spouses/partners ... so maybe the journalist who wrote the original story is a hell of a lot cleverer than me and deserves my apology.<<<

However there I found simply $26,872 as Cabinet approved overseas travel. I found no confirmation that a similar amount had been spent by the taxpayer for Rodney's partner ... so suggestions of the trip costing $52T is creative accounting/journalism [ of the worst sort].
Rodney has apparently spent $9920 on accomodation in Wellington
$12015 on Domestic air travel
$26233 om surface travel for Minister Spouse [Partner?] staff.
making a total $48865

Disclaimer ... I used to be a vocal member of the Act Party about a decade or so ago but gave that away around the turn of the millenium. I also once had a drink with Rodney though since I don't normally shout drinks Rodney's drink was paid for by another Act member, I paid for mine and my wife.

I also think it quite reasonable that a hard-working minister should have a perk or two to compensate him for the stress of ministerial life without petty bizibodies jumping up and down. So good on you Rodney.

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BLiP said...

Four weeks later and what do you reckon now? Did you buy the snivelling apology as being genuine?