Monday, October 5, 2009

Those Poor Animals

I believe that it is very painful for cows who are not milked and have to retain the milk in their udders[?]. I can understand that human life is important but surely the answer is to provide bodyguards for farmers to milk their cows. Bringing in extra police or the army. Could also be a problem with farm storage tanks being full and then the problems if the milk is run onto farmland and polution of waterways. Altogether a complicated situation. Compounding all is the practice of people saying "Why didn't they do SOMETHING" when a farmer gets shot by the person being searched for ... which is what this thread is doing of course ... but those poor animals depending on us humans.

Update ... at lunchtime Tuesday I heard a report from Fontera that Police had escorted farmers to milking last night, while I had heard earlier in the day, perhaps a dammed provocative advert for one of RNZ 'news' programmes where a farmer was complaining at the lack of help to milk his stock.

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