Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm BACK !!!!

I never thought I would agree with John Minto BUT really his idea for free puiblic transport could be a winner except for the ideological opposition of the conservatives. As for those who say it wouldn’t work because current transport runs in and out of the city centre the solution is simple with twice the buses there should be enough to operate ‘ring’ routes. I suggested this for Dunedin decades ago in answer to the similar comments. I would think even more viable in Auckland that down here. Actually ring routes feeding rail would be a giant steo forward for both Auckland and Dunedin.

Years ago when $7 of my rates went to subsidising a local bus route past my house I was disgusted at the council becuase I only had 13 buses a day, today it is 19. I would happilly pay twice or three times the ‘bus rate’ to subsidise a service which served …. as it is I only use the buses when my car is in the garage for a WOF or other service need. “It has got to pay” and “people should pay for services” are two of the biggest holdbacks to progress towards a sensible society.

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