Monday, July 22, 2013

How dumb can you get?

In my city we have a recycling system with yellow wheelie bins and blue buckets. Glass goes in the Blue and metal cans paper plastic in the Yellow. Alternate weeks a truck comes around equiped to empty the buckets and the next week comes the vehicle with hoist to empty Yellow.

Next door there are two flats and one of the occupiers came around to ask me about the recycling and also the black bags for rubbish [every week]. Next day or so I went to City Hall and got a 'rubbish calendar' for each and put it in their letterboxes. That was last week ....

This morning what do I see ... both yellow and a pair of blues beside the kerb ... not empty of course becuase the flat idiots had a party and have filled the blue with metal beer cans and this week it is 'blue week' so the yellow is left untouched.

The mentality of some people ???? You try to help them and .....

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