Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When will she go to the nackers yard

The She is question adopted me back in 1996 when she was a sleek near pure white teenager and got called Smudge for obvious reasons. Though of late she gets called Madam quite often and very occasionally "Bloody Animal". She has been using one of two trays and regularly cleaned for use when she is undoors but of late has been ignoring them for the carpet beside them. She is blind, had a stroke the vet called it, about nine months ago, and seems very scarey. It is a problem for an older person who wondered if he would like to be put down. So last nights problem along with a cooking experiement which receeded it. ....

I went to New World and bought a few things, as well as Warehouse for a dish which cost me $7. I had rather more mince than I should have and not a lot of the little things I should have had but didn't buy. I used about a third of the packet of pasta sheets. Cooked the mince for three minutes and then mixed in some chopped tomato and a can of Tomato Sauce. There was just room for it all in the dish and I then cooked it for 30 minutes on medium.
Seems I have enough for three meals. Last night I scooped out about a third and put a couple of cheeze slices atop and melted in the oven.
It wasn't bad though nothing like what it was supposed to be and the heavy concentration of meat and fat didn't go too well in my stomach ... though that was confused by the two wine/gin/tonics I also drank which put me to bed early to wake up around 11pm to let Smudge in.

She promptly started to wee on the carpet while I did the same in the toilet bowl. Got a slipper up her backside and a growl "Bloody Animal!" and was promised to the knackers yard.

This morning she got a cuddle and is still here.

There are still fifteen new tins of food and the packet of biscuits to be eaten ... unless I donate them to the SPCA.

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