Friday, January 7, 2011

Seven days and already one death

Quite apart from those who killed themselves without being chased by the police I'm refering to the young lad who stole a car and drove into a powerpole.

Of course now we have people, seemingly those on the left of politics, who say the police should not chase. Which of course is giving open slather to anybody who wants to excape from getting a ticket ... just put your foot on the accelerator ... quite stupid of course.

But to add a positive note to this thread I wonder why in over sixty years of driving I have just one ticket for speeding, back in 1964 when I was given a false deadline by my boss, and he didn’t offer to pay my fine either … the [whatever you care to call him :-) ]. I also can count my parking tickets with just using the fingers of one hand … once.

Why is this I wonder?

One reason I like to think is that the driving indoctrination I received as a child from my guardian was of a careful responsible driver who obeyed the rules. so when I learnt to drive at 17 years basically all I had to learn was car handling.

But such is the disrespect for ‘traffic cops’, and the common belief that getting a ticket is bad luck rather than foolish behaviour, that the adults in our society are in many cases teaching their children how not to behave responsibly on the road by simply not doing so themselves …as perhaps tonight’s crash story illustrates ….a witness told us they were not boy racers but older. [Car drove into rubbish truck 110107]

So instead of criticising the police, you guys and gals should buck your ideas up, RWNJ’s AND LWNJ’s.alike, and show a better example to your offspring.

I can also add the comment the judge made to me “Its not the first time you have driven above the limits is it” and of course it wasn’t then or now. When I think about the situation I am glad that my son has survived past those dangerous years despite some bad examples from me.

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