Friday, March 14, 2014

When should the working day start?

There is talk in the NYT that children should be permitted to sleep in for a better learning ability when they awake later in the day .....

I remember my younger days that my natural inclination was to stay awake late and rise latter and the regular 8am job start was pure hell and I was frequently late, particularly on Tuesday mornings which followed my attendance at the local cine club which was an all enveloping interest before I achieve my ambition to work in the industry. I remember my delight of a 10am start in that first TV job for which I was never late .. partly becuase my hobby interest had become my work of course.

People go on about the layabouts who have difficulty, alleged, of getting up early to go to work after an evenings activity when perhaps industry and other employers should look to different work hours to cater for their workers natural inclinations.

Now in retirement I regularly am awake at 5am and find early appointments a cinch .... but apart from them I have no need to wake early. I am also often in bed by 9pm when younger folk are perhaps just thinking of going out for the evening.

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