Monday, May 28, 2012

The Photographic Society

Last night was a monthly meeting and we started off with print of the month and first up were the ones which didn't get placed and the fist was interesting. Cannot show you here becuase not mine. The lower part of the screen was a vivid bed of flowers with an early eveing shot of a street behind. The judge commented that it was two picture becuase there was nothing to link the two 'halves' together. I am sure that there could have been a lampost or something to do this in the conventional way. But what struct me about the shot, and it might be my imagination, was the way the myriad of colours, tail lines of cars, neon signs, street lights had a similar colourful presence in the top halve similar to the bed of flowers I am left with a feeling that there are more ways than one to connect elements of a photograph together.
As for my entry, not selected for a place, which I didn't expect but of course hoped :-), I found it interesting that the elements of the composition which act IMO as a frame around the [picture were slammed and were too dark, judge didn't like the black. See for yourself ....
Actually it was an accident, like often happens with me in editing, that the background was burnt out and I used the curved tool to try and fix. Brought the top right hand end of the line downwards with little or no effect until it reached the bottom and I liked, I think, what I saw :-)
You can see a bigger version on my website

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