Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SHE ...Madam! .... is still with us

An update on Smudge who is still eating me out of house and home bless her and spending most of the day sleeping on my bed and only moving over a bit so I can fit down beside her. SHE must always be on the outside, the bed is against a wall, and on only one occasion did she spend more than five seconds on the inside. Animals a strange. Around breakfast time she goes out and sits in the old picnic box made of polystyrene next the the door. She is fairly safe there back away from the gateway to the footpath. Then evening time she seems to like to spend time out there in the box, which is under a flower box on stilts even when it is pouring cats and dogs ... then she comes in once it has got dark.
I do wonder what she can see, if she knows when it is dark, or else tells by the lack of traffic along the stae Highway I live beside.

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