Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Farms and Nit-pickers

I followed a link to Crusader Rabbit and found one comment which rang a bell with me. Basically it ran that Maori have all 'this' money spent on them in the way of welfare and housing etc [ in the main they are the underdogs of our society] they are being given huge sums of money as redress for their treatment by early white settlers and yet they still want more. I guess that they really are no different from poor whites.

The problem is that when you believe in looking after the less fortunate you just have to do that. Reading a breakdown of support given to one family the largest amount was to look after the children and while at first glance $1250 a week for a deneficiary family seemed 'easy' money I think it is what we just have to do to protect the younger generation until one can educate the less skilled to be more than baby farms.

In this socialised age there is absolutely no need for a couple to have a large number of children. The original concept which still applies in countries without social security is for the children to look after the parents in their old age.

A side but important point is that the world simply doesn't need all these extra mouths to feed and use up its resources required for a good standard of living that we know in 'the west'.

Another thread was by some woman critisising the Obama 'machine' in the extravagent way that it operated when Obama came to a small town ... She is right wing and blamed it on the left. But it struck me as I read that she sounded exactly like some of our left-wing nitpicking nutters on blogs like 'The Standard'.

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